Why Albums is My New Favorite Music App

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Why Albums is My New Favorite Music App

If you miss getting lost for hours in your music, you’re going to love Albums. 

Albums is an iPhone and iPad app that takes your music seriously. At first glance, you’ll see a nice grid of album covers, and you can tap one to play it and see the track listing. But then you notice the info panel, hidden behind an innocent-looking ⓘ (information) button. Tap this, and you’ll fall into a rabbit hole of music. It’s like being back at the record store, only without the twitchy DJs and the condescending staff. 

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“The simplest aim of Albums is to provide an option for music listeners who listen to music as full albums, rather than the singles on curated or algorithmically generated playlists that the big music apps push,” Albums creator Adam Linder told Lifewire in an email interview.

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