Why Bandcamp Is the Best Place to Support Musicians

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Why Bandcamp Is the Best Place to Support Musicians

If you’re looking for new music, you might head to Twitter or Facebook. Don’t. Instead, head over to Bandcamp and get your musical mind blown.

Bandcamp is a marketplace where you can buy downloads, vinyls, even cassettes, and you can stream your purchases with the Bandcamp app. But more important than all that are two simple features. Bandcamp connects artists directly with fans, and the artists actually get most of the money you spend. Oh, and it has a killer blog for finding new music.

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“Bandcamp’s ‘Fair Trade Music Policy’ is certainly very favorable for artists, but they’re a very small player in a market dominated by streaming platform giants such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube,” says Brian Clark of music website MusicianWave. “I feel that the business model of buying music is now outdated in comparison to how the general population currently consumes music.”

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