Why Clubhouse is Opening Up to Everyone

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Why Clubhouse is Opening Up to Everyone

The social media audio app Clubhouse is eliminating its invitation-only requirement in a move that could pave the way for a jump in membership. 

The nearly 10 million people currently on Clubhouse’s waitlist will slowly be added to the app with the removal of its invite-only status. As the popularity of Clubhouse soared, other social audio products, like Twitter Spaces, launched as open to everyone. Clubhouse is trying to win over users of its competitors. 

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“Opening it up will help them,” Eric Dahan, CEO of influencer marketing firm Open Influence, told Lifewire in an email interview. “The question is how many of the people that are waitlisted are still interested in joining. Consumers may have expressed interest a while back, but that interest fades over time. With life returning back to normal, the hype has died down.”

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