Why Did Netflix Add Support for Apple’s Spatial Audio?

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Why Did Netflix Add Support for Apple’s Spatial Audio?

Why has Netflix added support for a niche, Apple-only feature to its movie and TV streaming service?

Spatial Audio is Apple’s take on surround sound. It only works with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, and only on iPhones or iPads running iOS 14. And yet, it’s not only Netflix that is adding support. HBO Max. Disney+, and Peacock also support Apple’s so far mobile-only take on immersive audio. So what are the advantages to you and me, and why are these companies so happy to jump on board?

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“Netflix’s decision to offer spatial audio support for Apple only is yet another well-calculated strategy to add more subscribers to their already staggering 209 million subscribers.” Hrvoje Milakovic, owner of movie, TV, and popular culture site Fiction Horizon, told Lifewire via email.

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