Why Every iMac Should Have a Carrying Case

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Why Every iMac Should Have a Carrying Case

I recently bought a carrying case that’s transformed the way I use my M1 iMac. 

The $35 nylon Curmio Travel Carrying Bag turns the iMac into a portable machine. It’s available for all sizes of iMacs, but the M1 iMac is so light and thin that it’s already halfway towards being something you can carry around. It’s such a great accessory I’m surprised Apple doesn’t offer its own version.

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I purchased the M1 iMac because it’s the perfect upgrade from a laptop. At only around 10 pounds and about as thick as an iPad, the new iMac begs to be transported from place to place. But carrying it outside of your home can be awkward, and that’s where the Curmio fits in. 

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