Why Folding Phones Aren't Mainstream Yet

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Why Folding Phones Aren't Mainstream Yet

Samsung has made a vow to make foldable smartphones more mainstream, and experts say new tech that makes them thinner and more durable could be the key.

In the company’s July 29 earnings call, Samsung revealed it wants to lean hard into the future of foldable smartphones like the ZFold and ZFlip, eventually making foldable phones more mainstream. While Samsung plans to release four new foldable models, and others also are getting in on the folding action, experts say going mainstream will require such smartphones to overcome hurdles that might not be possible without new tech advances.

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“I actually do believe they will become mainstream,” Adam Shine, vice president of electronics recycler and reseller Sunnking, told Lifewire in an email. “The first version of any radical design tends to take time before it’s perfect. I feel pretty strongly that once nano-technology is further advanced you will see phones that are slightly thicker than a piece of paper, and that is when this technology will really get interesting.”

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