Why HP’s New Chrome OS Computers Are Exciting

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Why HP’s New Chrome OS Computers Are Exciting

The world of Chromebooks has been steadily growing as manufacturers release new computers, but HP’s latest Chrome OS-based devices have me especially excited about the future of the platform.

In early August, HP unveiled two brand new Chrome OS computers, including a Chromebook with a detachable keyboard and a new all-in-one desktop that uses Chrome OS as its primary operating system. Chromebook 2-in-1s and all-in-one desktops aren’t a new thing, but HP’s newest additions are especially exciting because of how much they look to borrow from mainstream devices like the iMac and Apple iPad.

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One could even go so far as to say this is the first time we’ve seen a real contender in the Chrome OS area that better lines up with the look and feel of the iPad. This is a part of the computer world Chromebook manufacturers haven’t been digging into much, and doing so could lead to more innovative Chrome-based smart devices.

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