Why I Can't Wait for the PineNote E-Ink Tablet

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Why I Can't Wait for the PineNote E-Ink Tablet

Pine64’s upcoming e-ink tablet is a little pricey compared to the competition, but so far, it looks like it could be worth every penny.

Earlier this week, Pine64 announced that it was working on an e-ink reader after years of fans asking for one. The PineNote, as it has been aptly named, is set to arrive sometime this year, and Pine64 says it should be one of the most powerful e-ink devices available when it launches. 

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Set to retail at $399, the PineNote is a bit more expensive than some of the other e-ink readers that you might find available on the market today. However, something else sets the PineNote apart from Kindle e-ink readers and the like—multi-purpose utilization. 

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