Why I Want Bose’s New Smart Soundbar 900

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Why I Want Bose’s New Smart Soundbar 900

It’s getting harder not to add Bose’s new Smart Soundbar 900 to my shopping cart.

Nine hundred dollars for a new soundbar might sound a bit extreme, but Bose’s new high-end Soundbar 900 looks to add a lot to your home entertainment system. Packed with features like support for Dolby Atmos, as well as Bose’s QuietPort tech, Bose says the new soundbar delivers better quality than its previous high-end soundbar, while also bringing your space to life with the sounds of your movies and shows.

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While the new soundbar doesn’t come cheap, the features that Bose has managed to push into this sleek package bring a lot to the table, making it a worthy upgrade to my home entertainment system.

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