Why iOS 15 Widgets Were Made for Podcast Apps

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Why iOS 15 Widgets Were Made for Podcast Apps

Only a year after the iPhone got widgets, popular podcast app Overcast has added one to the home screen, and it’s great. 

Widgets are super handy, glanceable quick-launchers for apps on your iPhone, and as of the newly launched iPadOS 15, your iPad, too. As we saw over the past year, not all apps are suited to widgets. Sometimes, they add more confusion than convenience. But when they fit, they fit, and podcasts apps are just perfect. 

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“App widgets are ideal for information that can be consumed ‘at a glance,’ like sport scores, stock prices, weather forecasts, photos, etc.,” Adam Fingerman, founder of software design company ArcTouch, told Lifewire via email. “They are also perfect for micro-engagements—user interactions that require quick actions, such as tapping play or pause, and are faster than launching a full app.”

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