Why Is Everyone Complaining About Safari’s New Design?

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Why Is Everyone Complaining About Safari’s New Design?

There’s plenty of buzz around Apple’s next versions of iOS and macOS, but it’s not good. Apple’s new Safari design is just terrible, and everyone is going wild about it.

There are three new versions of Safari—one for the Mac, one for the iPhone, and one for the iPad—but the controversy is centered around one common aspect of the three: tabs. Apple has completely redesigned the tab bar so it takes up less space at the top of a window on the Mac and iPad versions. That sounds great, but wait until you hear what you have to give up in return.

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“People will not settle for a version of Safari that doesn’t make using it efficient or easy,” digital consultant and web designer, David Attard, told Lifewire via email. “However, Safari does have its own perks and most people might not be switching as the Apple device compatibility and convenience with Safari is better than Chrome. Apple is sure to take in the customer response and work on bettering the experience.”

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