Why Netflix Revamped Mobile Audio

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Why Netflix Revamped Mobile Audio

Netflix just upgraded the audio in its Android app to “studio-quality,” with tweaks to the audio codec that make it easier to hear in noisy environments and stop things going bad when your cellular connection falters. With this in mind, what kind of audio experience do we get from other streaming services?

“Dolby Atmos is an incredible codec. Netflix has some content, but you need to be on an Ultra HD plan and hunt for it. It’s also device dependent,” Samuel Cordery, collaboration technologies expert, told Lifewire via Twitter. “Disney+ has some Atmos content as does Amazon Prime and Apple TV, but you need to check libraries and look for the logo.”

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The Netflix Android update adds “Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC (xHE-AAC).” This seems aimed entirely at improving the mobile audio experience, by “improving intelligibility in noisy environments,” and adapting to variable cellular connections.

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