Why Privacy-Focused Search Engines Won’t Overtake Google

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Why Privacy-Focused Search Engines Won’t Overtake Google

Despite the extra privacy features new search engines like Brave offer, experts say enhanced privacy isn’t enough to sway the general public from their usual search options.

Consumer privacy continues to be at the center of a lot of tech conversations. One of the most recent announcements includes the release of a new search engine from the makers of Brave, a privacy-focused browser. The search engine is available in beta right now and promises users more privacy than other options out there—like Google or Bing. Experts, however, say better protection, alone, isn’t enough to pull users from the heavy hitters that dominate the search market.

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“We’re happy to see that privacy is gaining momentum,” Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, a privacy expert and CEO of privacy-focused development company Xayn, told Lifewire in an email. “However, I believe that privacy all by itself won’t be enough to pull the vast majority of users away from established search giants like Google. You also have to offer them a convincing user experience and convenience so that they don’t lose precious time when searching for information online.”

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