Why Spotify Is Testing a Cheaper Subscription Option

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Why Spotify Is Testing a Cheaper Subscription Option

Spotify is testing a new ad-supported subscription with some extra features, and experts say it could help pull in new users who want premium features without the full cost of going ad-free.

As one of the biggest names in the music streaming game, Spotify has built a solid foundation on its free and paid plan options. Now, though, it’s testing a cheaper ad-supported subscription, too. Previously, Spotify only offered a free, ad-supported option, and a Premium version—which grants unlimited skips and other features. Spotify Plus will include some of these premium-only features, but still will be supported by ads. If Spotify can find a way to make this plan attractive to consumers, it could offer listeners more without costing them too much.

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“Spotify’s move not only increases the company’s paying user base, but also helps expose users to the benefits of a paid subscription,” Shahar Aizenberg, chief marketing officer at Artlist, told Lifewire in an email.

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