Why Stories Have Taken Over Social Media

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Why Stories Have Taken Over Social Media

If you feel like every social platform now has a Stories feature, it's because they do—and experts say the feature's popularity is only going to integrate into even more platforms. 

Social media Stories let you post a video or a photo to your followers for a short amount of time to give a real-time glimpse into your day-to-day life, truly adding to the “social” aspect of social media. Now, more and more platforms outside of social media are integrating this type of ephemeral content, further solidifying the feature in the future of the internet.

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“What was once a permanent post on Facebook or Instagram like a meal or a fun night out became a Snap,” wrote Andrew Selepak, a social media professor at the University of Florida, to Lifewire in an email. “Ephemeral content now has a permanent place in social media.”

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