Why You Might Want to Buy a Refurbished Phone

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Why You Might Want to Buy a Refurbished Phone

Experts say buying refurbished devices instead of more expensive, newer phones can save you money, as well as help cut down on the amount of waste being made by the smartphone industry.

Refurbished phones have been available on third-party resellers for years now, and in more recent generations of smartphones, even wireless carriers and manufacturers have started to sell refurbished versions of their most popular smartphones. There are a lot of benefits to refurbished phones being available, experts say, even though it can be very tempting to get the biggest and best anytime you decide to upgrade. 

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“Price and value are arguably the most influential factors in the rise of refurbished,” Lauren Benton, the general manager at Back Market, a refurbished electronics dealer, told Lifewire in an email. 

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