Why You Probably Don’t Need That Unlimited Data Plan

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Why You Probably Don’t Need That Unlimited Data Plan

As more carriers start to offer truly unlimited data plans, experts say the reasons users might have originally needed these more expensive plans have changed, and they may not be worth your money anymore.

Several years ago, when AT&T, Verizon, and other big telecom providers started ditching unlimited data plans, users worried about how much data they’d use each month. Now, after a few years of offering unlimited plans with high-speed data caps, big telecom companies once again are changing how unlimited data works. This time, T-Mobile and AT&T are starting to remove the caps, offering truly unlimited data on their more expensive plans. But experts say those plans might not be worth the price.

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“Most people don’t really need true unlimited data plans,” David Lynch, an expert on cell phone carriers and plan options, wrote to Lifewire in an email. “Free public Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere and the average person doesn’t use more than 7 gigabytes of high-speed data.”

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