Why You Should Be Really Careful With Smart Home Gadgets

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Why You Should Be Really Careful With Smart Home Gadgets

Owners of Eufy smart security cameras woke up to a Hollywood-style nightmare earlier this week when a breach exposed their in-home cameras to anyone on the internet. How can we be better protected?

A software update caused the breach, and it was fixed after an hour. But during that time, a handful of Eufy users noticed they had access to other users’ live camera feeds, as well as recorded video. The breach also granted full account access, meaning anyone could pan and tilt strangers’ cameras to get a good look around their homes. This highlights the problems inherent in all smart home gadgets.

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“As we bring more technology into the home, cyber criminals will increasingly turn their attention to these new systems,” Ben Dynkin, co-founder and CEO of Atlas Cybersecurity, told Lifewire via email. “This increased scrutiny from criminals will inevitably result in an increasing number of attacks, and no law or regulation will be able to stymie it. To solve that problem, we must find new and innovative ways to both secure systems and deter criminal activity.”

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