Why You Should Guard Your Phone Data During Repairs

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Why You Should Guard Your Phone Data During Repairs

The recent news of a student whose intimate photos were revealed after she sent her iPhone for repair is a reminder to users to lock down their data, experts say. 

Apple settled a case with a 21-year-old woman after sending her iPhone to a repair facility in 2016, only to find that employees had uploaded personal explicit images and videos to her Facebook account from the phone during the repair process. The company reportedly paid the woman millions of dollars to settle the suit. It’s a risk many people run when having their phones repaired. 

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“When you hand over your phone for repairs, it is not merely a device but also your entire personal data trove that goes with it,” privacy expert Pankaj Srivastava, the CEO and founder of management consulting firm PracticalSpeak, said in an email interview. “Most consumers do not yet understand that security is also only as good as its weakest link. In this scenario, the weakest link could be you as the consumer.”

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