Why You Should Use a Physical Authenticator Key

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Why You Should Use a Physical Authenticator Key

Experts say physical authenticators offer the highest level of security available for your online accounts, and all users should consider purchasing one.

Google is tightening up its Titan Security Key offerings, adding NFC support to all of the physical authenticators it offers and completely removing one of the options it used to offer. Bringing NFC support to each of its security keys means users can log into their accounts using their smartphone and other smart devices. Experts say the move has made it even easier for everyday consumers to take advantage of the highest level of security Google offers for their accounts.

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“With phishing attacks on the rise, Google’s Titan Keys are a great investment for everyday consumers as well as employees on work devices. These physical security keys are inexpensive and offer a very high level of protection from phishing,” Scott McDonald, security director and practice lead at Cloudbakers, told Lifewire in an email.

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