Why Your Computer Might Not Support Windows 11

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Why Your Computer Might Not Support Windows 11

Experts say Windows 11’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 requirement may cut some users off from the new operating system but say it is ultimately worth it because of the additional security it can bring.

Since Microsoft officially revealed Windows 11 on June 24, many users have found themselves excited or confused about some of the company’s changes to the OS. Not only is Windows 11 getting a huge overhaul, but Microsoft also will require TPM 2.0, a special security chip currently only used by professionals in the business and IT sectors. Microsoft is leaning heavily on claims that TPM 2.0 will help Windows better defend against cyberattacks. 

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“The purpose of a TPM chip is to protect user credentials, encryption keys, and other sensitive data on your hard drive against potential malware and ransomware attacks,” Kenny Riley, an IT expert and technical director at Velocity IT, explained to Lifewire in an email. “TPM chips have several use cases that enhance the overall security of PCs.”

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