Will 'iPhone 13' Scare Away Superstitious Buyers?

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Will 'iPhone 13' Scare Away Superstitious Buyers?

The next iPhone will—according to rumors—be called the iPhone 13. Will this be unlucky for some?

Many people avoid the number 13. But will this really impact the sales of the next iPhone? And what about other parts of the world? Is 13 considered unlucky everywhere? And how has Apple handled odd product numbering in the past?

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“There are a few instances where people have to avoid using the number 13 for superstitious reasons,” Katherine Brown, founder of remote monitoring company Spyic, told Lifewire via email. “Look at the property developers who omit the 13th floor from the skyscraper or the couples who swore they’ll never marry on the 13th. Even more, some psychologists treat patients for triskaidekaphobia, a condition associated with the fear of the number 13.”

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