Wipeout gets ‘reimagined’ as a mobile game where you manage instead of drive

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Wipeout, the fast-paced, futuristic racing series that’s synonymous with PlayStation, is coming to iOS and Android mobile devices later in 2021. The new game is called Wipeout Rush, and unfortunately, it might not be what you’re after if you’ve adored previous entries in the series.

The game, developed by Rogue, is a card-based racing game that doesn’t actually put you in the driver’s seat. Instead, you’ll be the team manager of racers who will get to do all of the fun driving while you’re dealing with cards. The game promises to dive into the lore of Wipeout, and I’m most looking forward to finding out why the player can’t drive. Did they lose their license?

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Here’s a description of Wipeout Rush, as noted on Rogue’s site.

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