Workforce Shortages Could Lead to Further Price Hikes

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Workforce Shortages Could Lead to Further Price Hikes

A tight supply of chips has affected costs and prices of pretty much everything electronics in the last year and a half. Now, there is a new problem looming: shortage of qualified workforce to work at factories that build actual products. As manufacturers have to rise wages, sooner or later they will have to pass their additional costs to their clients and they might have to pass it on to end users.

IPC, a global trade association that unites over 3,000 OEMs, EMS, PCB manufacturers, and suppliers, recently conducted a global survey in a bid to determine key problems that participants of the electronics industry face these days.

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Shortages of chips and materials as well as their increased costs have affected 90% of IPC members. Tight supply led to delays for 88% of respondents, whereas 31% faced production delays of eight weeks or more. Global inventories are declining further, whereas backlogs are increasing. As a consequence, 58% of companies expect the shortages persist throughout the second half of 2022 and will end late next year at the earliest.

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