Would You Live in a New 3D-Printed Moon Hut?

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Would You Live in a New 3D-Printed Moon Hut?

NASA spacecrafts tend not to be the most comfortable places to live, and have sleeping arrangements that make an uncomfortable futon look like a deluxe bed. One company may make it easier one day for astronauts and eventually moon tourists to stretch out a little in a 3D printed home.

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It may not qualify into the three L’s of real estate, but Austin-based Icon Technology secured a $57.2 million contract to develop the technology to print 3D homes for the moon. This wouldn’t involve 3D printing the homes on Earth and then strapping them to a rocket like when you see a small house on a flatbed truck.

Instead, ICON would use locally available Lunar dirt and rock — or regolith, as geologists like to say — and mine the materials using robotics to help create powdery Moon structures that resemble futuristic igloos.

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