Yes, the Xbox Series S Is Worth Buying

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Yes, the Xbox Series S Is Worth Buying

I’ve had the Xbox Series S for over six months now, and it’s still one of the best next-gen consoles you can buy—despite the compromises made to make it more affordable.

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series S and the more expensive Series X, lots of comparisons started to jump around. Where the Series X promised 4K gaming at high refresh rates and cost $500 to pick up, the Series S was much more affordable at just $299. Of course, there were some sacrifices made to hit that lower price point. Even with those compromises, though, the Xbox Series S is one of—if not the—best next-gen console for the everyday person.

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“The price is one of the biggest benefits of the Series S. Not only is it the cheapest next-gen console, but it also gives you access to Xbox Game Pass, and all that it has available on it,” David Wingert, an avid gamer, told Lifewire on a call.

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