You Might Binge Less as Streaming Changes Its Mind

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You Might Binge Less as Streaming Changes Its Mind

Most of us have watched an entire series in just one day, wondering where the time went. On the flip side, we’ve also all anticipated our favorite TV show to air on its scheduled weeknight time slot. Binge-watching and watching weekly shows when they regularly air are two very different ways we consume our shows these days.

“We all have different viewing habits, and there’s no right or wrong answer, but I also feel we are all so much busier than we used to be,” Dan Rayburn, principal analyst at the research firm Frost & Sullivan, told Lifewire over the phone. “Now there is so much content overload, even if you made a list of everything you want to watch, you’re not going to see it all.”

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When Netflix’s streaming service debuted in 2007, subscribers liked the fact they could watch their favorite shows’ seasons all in one sitting. Now, the streaming service has started implementing more once-a-week shows in a regular cable format. 

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