Your Windows 11 PC Will Soon Run Android Apps

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Your Windows 11 PC Will Soon Run Android Apps

Windows 11 will run Android phone apps, just like the latest Macs can run iPhone apps, but why will Microsoft allow this?

Microsoft has historically kept a tight control of its dual moneymakers, Windows and Office. But in recent years, these products have become parts of its new goal—to be the go-to vendor for all business software. With this in mind, it makes sense that Windows should do as much as possible, including letting you run all your Android apps on your PC. But things are already a little confusing.

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“Not all Android apps in the Google Play Store [will work], only those in the Amazon Appstore will be compatible for use in Windows 11,” Michael Knight, co-founder of Incorporation Insight, told Lifewire via email. “[Also], Windows will attempt to natively sideload Android applications.” Got that?

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