YouTube TV Might Lose Channels and Get Cheaper

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YouTube TV Might Lose Channels and Get Cheaper

Just like traditional cable services, YouTube TV needs to have deals in place to air content. Currently, Google-owned YouTube TV and NBC are having trouble reaching an agreement, which means all NBC channels could leave the service, which will force Google to lower the price.

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These sorts of disagreements are common in the cable industry. The cable company and a network need to renegotiate their deals when they’re close to expiring. The cable company wants to play less to air the content, and the network wants to be paid more.

Usually, the two companies manage to meet somewhere in the middle, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen with YouTube TV and NBC. Google released a blog post saying that the current deal is scheduled to expire on September 30, and the two companies are having a hard time coming to terms.

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