Zotac Mek Hero Review: Zotac’s Big Boy

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Zotac Mek Hero Review: Zotac’s Big Boy

The Zotac Mek Hero’s pleasing looks and quiet fans make it a strong entry in the company’s line of larger pre-builts, but its slow Wi-Fi might turn some away.

The Zotac Mek Hero isn’t one of the company’s classic mini gaming PCs. Like the Zotac Mek Ultra and most of the best gaming PCs, it’s large and easily upgradeable. That puts it in stark contrast to previous desktops like the Zotac Mek Mini, which tried to merge power with a small (and difficult-to-work-with) form factor and a unique aesthetic. The Mek Hero instead has a fairly plain case that gives its components plenty of room to breathe and aims to instead let them do most of the decorating with heavy RGB and a glass side panel.

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The result is an appealing, if somewhat generic, design that gives you plenty of leeway to swap components as you please. And thanks to what looks to be a price drop, it’s adequately priced for its level of performance.

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